Monday, 28 December 2009

total loss of focus.

change of plan, i'm gonna keep at it.

it's about time for another update.

No pictures this time, but i was finding the quality of work hard to get to grips with, i'm not very good at just throwing out quick sketches, which is something that i'm desperately trying to address with this project, however narratively i think i've got to grips with how this can work... more updates as they come!
I'm on panel 8, so i'm 3 behind...
Music: AVO - Pure Reason Revolution
Time left: 13:16

tonal, unsure.

i'm not sure about this, but i thought i would wap it up anyway!
Music: planet telex - Radiohead
time left: 14:58

First images...

Okay, so this is where I've got to so far, it's very difficult to remain focused on this, perhaps not a problem in a larger group of people? i'll bare that in mind if i do this again...
oh this house is freezing!

Music: 2+2=5 Radiohead
Time left: 18.16

Mild change of direction and style choices...

Having got to the 3rd hour now, I've been toying with a load of different ideas about a birdman, but none of them really worked for me, so I've changed tracks to something i'm more adept at,
My narative idea's are all a little bit odd at the moment, so once i'm fully on track i'll start uploading what i'm doing...

music: Mr November - The National
Time left: 20:51

Hour one!

First hour is up, preliminary sketches, throwing down ideas, it's all there, I've started the first page, so technically I'm already behind, but i'll be able to catch up, I think... the project should be okay until 2 in the morning, and that is the scary time, but hopefully some weird ideas will be thrown out too.

lunch and coffee seem to have given me inspiration, so there you go!
music: I Say Fever - Ramona Falls
time left: 22:49

set up!

My desk setup, paper, sketchbook, pencils laptop, and a mug of rather good instant onion soup.
Music: Everything you do is a balloon - Boards of Canada
Time left: 24 hours (2 minutes till I start)